• We love kids. We love stories. We love stories for kids.

Slow Down, Parents. We Have Time.

While have our garage door repaired, the technician said we should get a solid 10,000 opens out of the new spring he installed. That seemed like a lot, until I started adding up the number of times we’re in and out, rushing around.

With three kids, we’re opening and closing our door for school drop off,  soccer, dance, little league, play dates, errands, and well…. you get the idea. It’s any wonder the door hasn’t staged a sit in and refused to open.

Oh wait, that’s why we were having it repaired.

Still, I’m not sure 10,000 will last very long. This is a good reminder that, for those times we aren’t opening and closing our door, it’s worth the effort to slow down and simply enjoy the time we have. Maybe that garage door was trying to tell us something.

That’s why we are very careful with the books we produce. They are intended for those times when you and the kids you care about have a chance to sit back, slow down, and enjoy a good story. The artwork is part of the story, with quirky illustrations that are thought-provoking, silly, and occasionally hiding a fun secret.

I hope you’ll join me and my garage door for the occasional sit in. It’s worth the time.

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