• We love kids. We love stories. We love stories for kids.

Books? Seriously?

After introducing Woodland Way to the world, the response has been wonderful. Friends and family, of course, have been wonderfully supportive of our kids books. And now as we expand our horizons and start seeing customers from around the country place orders, we’re feeling better than ever about our work.

And yet, every so often we hear someone ask, “But why books? I mean, is anyone reading books anymore?”

And yet, every time we hear this question, we say, “Yes books. Absolutely.”

We love apps for our kids. And boy-oh-boy do our kids love apps. Lego building apps. BrainPop. Classic Songs. And we love the Internet. I’m not proud of how much time I can lose to golf  videos, but the Internet brought Grover back into my life.   If you have young kids and haven’t watched a classic Grover Video recently, you’ve got to stop reading this blog post and go there now. We’ll wait. Okay…having fallen prey to the distractible nature of the Internet, maybe it’s easy to see why we love books. Here are a few reasons we love them so much:

  • It’s quiet time. Much as we love the loud life our kids live, there’s nothing like seeing them quietly enjoy a book. You can see wheels spinning as they unlock a storyline or master a new word.
  • It’s discovery time. Books with great artwork and fun characters allow young readers to discover something new every time, each at their own pace. My 3-yr old looks for items in our books that she sees in the real world. My 5-yr old looks for words she can read and emotions in characters. My 7-yr old looks for hidden surprises and creates stories from images only he can see in the background.
  • It’s cuddle time. Sometimes I’m just a bookstand, other times I’m a bean bag chair. But every time I sit with my young kids, we’re cuddled up nice and tight. And life is grand.
  • It’s special time. There’s no sneaky little window popping up in the bottom left side of our book telling me an email has arrived. There’s no warning that I have  20% of battery life. There’s just the sound of our voices as we read the story and share what it means.

Sure, we’ll be introducing some apps in the future. And sure, we love our screen time. But I’m not sure anything will capture the magic of books. Which is hard to explain when someone asks us, “Why books?” That question seems loaded with skepticism that would be hard to dismantle in just a few words. But if you think about all that a good book has to offer, and if you get a chance to read one of ours, I hope you’ll find your self saying, Yes books. Absolutely.

Anna from Even in My Monster Hat enjoys a book.
Anna from Even in My Monster Hat enjoys a book.
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