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Doodling. Fun to Say and, er, Doodle

For all that we produce masterfully illustrated children’s books, I personally have the drawing skills of a dull pencil. But I’m not one to let a little thing like skill get in the way of fun, especially when it comes to doodling.

I used to draw doodle mazes. It’s fun to throw a bunch of lines on a page and then see if I can carve out a single path from start to finish. It’s amazing how many times I can’t solve my own mazes.

Lately I’ve been trying my hand at faces. Maybe it’s the eyes. I love trying sizes, shapes. A little rise at the top to show surprise. A little dip on the bottom, outside edges to show sadness. One of our title characters, the Dinglebeast, has especially expressive eyes. Such emotion. Such fun. Check it out.

And see what your kids come up with. Mine are ages 3, 5, and 7. So I’m getting the full art collection. Here’s a few samples:

My three year old draws people as strange ovals with overly long legs and snowman arms sticking out of the head. I love them.

My five year old is really into landscapes. She’s gone from shapes for animals to animals of all shapes.

My seven year old has moved from stick figures to full-on human beings. Watching him draw over the years is like watching the evolution of man drawing come to life.

And while my own drawing will never evolve beyond Neanderthal quality, I have fun and I’m never embarrassed about my own skill.

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