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About Us

About Us

Company Background

Author and illustrator Catherine Dawgert with husband Chad and dog Stella.

We are an independent publisher of children’s stories that foster Kindness, Respect, Empathy, Resilience, and Laughter. We believe every child benefits from the intimate, quiet moments that books deliver. Whether it’s giving kids an unexpected giggle or helping them find new ways to see the world, our books are intended to bring joy to kids and the adults who care about them.

Meet the Founders  

Woodland Way was founded by Jim McVety and Sarah Dawgert.

Jim McVety is a father of three who loves stories. Whether its reading classics to his kids at bedtime or making up brand new adventures to entertain the troops, Jim has always loved watching kids engage with a story.

Through his work with educational publishers, Jim has seen first hand the power of great stories, but grew frustrated at the lack of contemporary, authentic storytelling. And, like every parent, he wants his kids to understand what it means to be kind and respectful, to show empathy and demonstrate resilience. Thus, the Woodland Way was formed. Jim earned his degree and certification in education from Boston College, and currently works with a wide variety of educational publishers and service providers.

Sarah Dawgert is a mom who loves stories, especially the ones her kids create as they explore the world around them. Sarah’s favorite thing is to cuddle up and read with her children, especially books that are genuine, honest, smart and witty.  She co-founded Woodland Way to celebrate core values that benefit all kids. Sarah holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Boston University and a Bachelors degree in Human Development from Boston College. She also works as a consultant to organizations working to empower women and communities.


We’re parents turned publishers because we know how hard it is to instill values in kids today. There are simply too many overhyped brands with too little in the way of redeeming value.

Woodland Way embodies:

  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Resilience
  • Laughter

People like Fred Rogers, Sandra Boynton, and Ezra Jack Keats inspire us. Each in their own way, they offered authentic stories that respected kids and the world as they see it. We’re inspired by their work, and others, with the hope that Woodland Way will be a place kids feel inspired and respected.

Because we love kids.