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Cheese and Pickle Parenting

Strange how parenting styles are influenced by events in my past. Including when I was single. And overseas. And hungry. Many years ago when visiting family friends outside of London, the mom offered me a cheese and pickle sandwich. As a

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Books? Seriously?

After introducing Woodland Way to the world, the response has been wonderful. Friends and family, of course, have been wonderfully supportive of our kids books. And now as we expand our horizons and start seeing customers from around the country

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Reading Into Things

A recent research study released by Common Sense Media¬†reveals that our kids aren’t reading enough. Whether it’s because we’re too busy running around (see my thoughts on that here), they’re too busy watching some sort of screen, or both, it

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Slow Down, Parents. We Have Time.

While have our garage door repaired, the technician said we should get a solid 10,000 opens out of the new spring he installed. That seemed like a lot, until I started adding up the number of times we’re in and

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