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The Books Award winning stories, stories for children aged 3 – 8. Carefully crafted and thoughtfully written to celebrate all the ups and downs that come with being a kid.
The Author Catherine Dawgert, a unique new voice in children’s literature, delivers stories that kids care about with creative characters, exquisite artistry and a sense of whimsy.
The Visits Books, stories, artwork, and activities tailored to each grade level and age range. We get them laughing and reinforce their love for literacy.
The Details Author fee is $250 for ½, $475 full day plus travel. We provide order forms in advance to go home with students. We’ll have books ready to hand out during our visit.
abc-disgustingDiscover the beauty and power of a shy kid who finds her  roar in the best place imaginable, inside. As Anna  navigates her expanding world, see how special it is for a  quiet kid with confidence to find her voice!

dinglebeastFollow this sweetly furious and seriously fuzzy character across a vivid, spectacular landscape, and watch as she discovers that peace of mind doesn’t have to start with peace and quiet.

monster-hatA zany, hilarious alphabet adventure like no other. From  Ape Armpits to Zebra Zits, enjoy colorful creations, cleverly  designed artwork, and uproarious wordplay that will leave  you laughing with every letter.

By Catherine Dawgert


Why Woodland Way?

Woodland Way is an independent publisher of children’s stories that foster Kindness, Respect, Empathy, Resilience, and Laughter. We believe every child benefits from the intimate, quiet moments that books deliver. Whether it’s giving kids an unexpected giggle or helping them find new ways to see the world, our books are intended to bring joy to kids and the adults who care about them.

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